During the period of June 1991 to June 2011 there were 31 homicides that occurred in Wood County. Out of these 31 deaths, 13 were domestic violence homicides, 12 were intimate partner homicides. Two additional intimate partner homicide victims’ bodies were found in Wood County but the crimes were committed outside of the county and prosecuted in those jurisdictions. The duration of the intimate relationships range from 2 months to 21 years, with the average relationship lasting 9 years.

The average age of the victim was 39 with a range from 24 to 57.

Eleven of the 12 victims had lived with the perpetrator at one time. Six of the victims were living with the perpetrator at the time of the homicide. Ten of the victims experienced verbal and physical abuse by the perpetrator during the relationship.

All 12 of the victims had children. In total, 28 children lost their mothers due to intimate partner homicide. Of those 28, only 9 were adults at the time of the homicide. The remaining children were minors ranging from ages 9 months to 17 years old.

In 5 of the 12 cases, children of the victim/and or perpetrator were present at the time of the homicide.

In 3 cases, a witness was also present at the time of the homicide. Two of the 3 witnesses became collateral victims; one was the daughter of the perpetrator and one was the boyfriend of the victim.

Those and other statistics are contained in a report released by the Wood County Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team.

Alicia’s Parents Tom and Kathy Newlove founded Alicia’s Voice in 2007 after her murder.

In the middle of the night four years ago, the police had to tell Tom and Kathy Newlove that their daughter, Alicia, was murdered by the father of two of her children. Her boyfriend, John Mitchell, was also shot and killed. This was a night that would change the lives of Alicia’s family for the rest of their days. Thankfully, Alicia’s mother resolved, it would change for the better, the lives of other women in situations like Alicia’s.

Just nine days after Alicia’s death Kathy began Alicia’s Voice on April 8, 2007.


Increase awareness and prevent domestic violence in the local community through; the development of educational programs for elementary, middle school, high school and higher education level students; additionally, education for law enforcement officers. To empower victims in the community to use their voice. To provide victims who are leaving their abusers with resources necessary to become independent.

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